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Furthur at Best Buy Theater, 2011-03-15

Furthur at Best Buy Theater, 2011-03-15

Set 1: Dancing in the Streets > Loose Lucy > I Need A Miracle, Tennessee Jed, Corrina > Crazy Fingers > So Many Roads, Mason’s Children

Set 2: Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion), Scarlet Begonias > China Cat Sunflower > Ramble on Rose, New Potato Caboose, You Never Give Me Your Money > Sun King > Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came in Through the Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight > The End , Built to Last > Truckin’

Encore: St. Stephen > Her Majesty



Times Square for Phil Lesh’s Birthday…what could be better than that?  This was on a weeknight and I wasn’t supposed to go but I decided at the last minute that a late night at a special show would be much better than working on a full night’s rest the following day.  I got two hours of sleep, but it was well worth it for the experience and the memories that came from this special evening.  Many people were sharing negative feedback about Best Buy Theater, saying the cops were too tight outside the venue and that the venue itself was strict because of the adjacent Lion King theater, but I personally had one of my best Times Square experiences thanks to this venue.  The inside has a modern appearance that feels more like an adventure through LED lights and frosted panels than anything else, almost like a high-tech shopping mall or something.  To make it even better, the venue was filled with a diverse mix of Grateful Dead fans with many Father/Son combinations that made me happy to see.

The show itself started with a smooth version of a New York favorite – Dancin’ In The Streets – and of course the crowd cheered when Bob Weir sang the line “…Up in New York City.”  The show was all-business as they went straight from Dancin’ In The Street to Loose Lucy.  The version of Loose Lucy was a little too slow for my taste but still good to hear from a Furthur.  I Need A Miracle was an awesome and fitting song to play at this venue because I can recall so many people looking for extra tickets outside before the show saying “I need a miracle”.  Corrina and Crazy Fingers were the other two standout songs from the first set.  John Kadlecik was the primary driver in Crazy Fingers and he did a really effective job at leading the charge.

The Second Set was one of the most discussed sets in Furthur’s short history, mostly because they played the entire B-Side of The Beatle’s Abbey Road album (as many seasoned fans predicted).  The whole medley was well done and the band’s careful preperation translated into an incredible sound that was enjoyed as much by the band as it was by the fans.  Aside from a few annoying people yelling “Fire On The Mountain!” during the soft parts of You Never Give Me Your Money, the crowd responded well to the Beatles covers and it made this show a one-night-only kind of experience, the best present Phil Lesh could have asked for!  Saint Stephen as an encore is always a treat, especially with how dramatic those first few notes sound amongst the silences.  Overall, this show is ranked very high on my list and it almost shares the top spot with the 03.08.2011 Oakdale show.  Definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard it yet.

Furthur released an official soundboard download with most of their Beatles covers on it.  Get it here.


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