Sometimes I lead the music; Sometimes I follow the music.

Furthur at Orpheum Theatre, 03-06-2011

Furthur at Orpheum Theatre, 03-06-2011 [Boston, MA]

Set 1: Here Comes Sunshine > Alligator > Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Mason’s Children > Passenger > Viola Lee Blues > King Bee > Viola Lee Blues > Next Time You See Me > Viola Lee Blues

Set 2: Mountain Song, St. Stephen > Time > The Eleven > Dark Star > Nobody Girl > China Doll > Dark Star > Sugaree > Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad

Encore: And We Bid You Goodnight



This was a bonus show for me because I didn’t know I was going until few hours before.  The coolest part of the pre-show was getting dropped off at the venue and seeing all the people in the street.  The crowds took over the sidewalks but I couldn’t seem to find the theater entrance…until someone pointed me down an alley.  This venue used to have a main entrance on the other side of the building, which was facing a main road, but the entrance was turned into storefronts when the theater was renovated.  The main entrance is now at the end of an alley, which in my opinion is actully very unique and cool.

Leading up to this show, Furthur had been playing some songs from the Beatles Abbey Road album and people were starting to wonder if it was a coincidence or if they were playing one song per night from Abbey Road, in order of the track listings on the album.  When they played Maxwell’s Silver Hammer on this night, people were more sure about what they once wondered.  Bob Weir’s vocals were low in the audio mix and it was difficult to hear him in the beginning of the show (I was right behind the soundboard), but they made some apparent adjustments and the overall sound improved tremendously as the night went on.  This wasn’t the greatest Furthur show, but it was definitely fun to hear how most of the songs morphed into each other without the band stopping in between.  My personal highlight was hearing China Doll, partly because this was my first time hearing it live and partly because it reminds me of the classic Grateful Dead year of 1974.  We Bid You Goodnight is not the most rockin’ encore but the vocal harmonies sounded great and ended the night appropriately – with tons of feeling.


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