Sometimes I lead the music; Sometimes I follow the music.

Furthur at Radio City Music Hall, 2011-03-26

Furthur at Radio City Music Hall, 2011-03-26

Set 1: Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion) > Viola Lee Blues > Alligator > New Minglewood Blues, Sittin’ On Top Of The World, Alice D. Millionaire > Cream Puff War > Turn On Your Lovelight

Set 2: Playing in the Band > Born Cross Eyed > Dark Star > Eclipse > Jam > Mountains of the Moon > Space > Dark Star > Terrapin Station Suite > Stella Blue, Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower

Encore: One More Saturday Night



This was another special show in Furthur’s hot-streak in March of 2011, featuring a giant video screen backdrop that took up the entire rear of the Radio City stage.  The cool part was that they used this screen for some abstract and trippy color images but they also showed pictures of Jerry Garcia, Owsley Stanley (because he passed away a few weeks earlier), a life-size photo of the Wall of Sound, and (for the first time ever) Furthur aknowledged the Grateful Dead’s “Steal Your Face” logo.

The other special part of this particular show was Furthur’s entire First Set consisted of songs from the early Grateful Dead years, along with the first Alice D. Millionaire ever played by Furthur to honor the late “LSD Millionaire” Owsley Bear Stanley.  What made this show even more sentimental, for me personally, was that I had spoken with Owsley himself (via email) nearly a month before his tragic death.  He was a smart man, a straight-shooter, and a man who simply would not waste his time with bull$hit, almost too smart for this world.  I felt such a strong connection to everything that was happening on this night, and that’s exactly the same sentiment the band shared through this evening’s tribute. 

Set Two was a little more modern than the First Set, but every single fan in this theater was having the time of their life (old and young).  The Pink Floyd “Eclipse” was a very nice addition to the Furthur songbook and it fit very well with their other song selections like Dark Star and Terrapin Station Suite.  The sweetest song in the show for me was Stella Blue, partly because I love the song, partly because I had blue LED lights on me that night, and partly because the song was written at the Hotel Chelsea in Manhattan (where the Grateful Dead once played a private party on the rooftop).  Overall, this was a fun, personal, and trippy show that everyone seemed to enjoy.  The night before, Bob Weir decided to play The Clash’s “Train In Vain” and I wish I didn’t miss that, but this night made up for what I missed in the previous night.  Not to mention, the 03.27.2011 show on the next night was pretty damn amazing, too.




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